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See our large selection of argan oils

Here you will find all our oils with argan. Here are many different brands that have products containing argan oil. Argan oil is a wonder that can be used for both skin and hair. Rich in vitamin E which is an imp...

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Cosmos Co products .

Argan Oil for skin care can provide intense moisturizing treatment and can be easily used under foundation or other make-up. Only a few drops of oil should be used as it is very dry, but the oil can be used unlimited without damaging your skin. Exactly your skin type, the oil can be used for facial massage with circulating movements that stimulate blood circulation.
The oil can also be used for cracked lips.
  In addition to the usual everyday care of the skin, Argan Oil can also be used as a mild remedy for acne and other skin problems. Due to the natural substances in the oil, it helps the skin maintain its natural balance and stays soft, smooth and beautiful. The oil can also be used for the care of hands and will strengthen weak or cracked nails.

If you experience your hair as dry and boring, and envy others with nice soft hair, then Argan Olie also has the solution to that problem. The oil revives your hair and also fixes your scalp. It is also perfect if your hair has been destroyed by malnutrition or abuse. The oil can be used as hairy 1-2 times a week and you will experience a whole new hair that is strong, full and healthy.
  If you have trouble with dandruff, Argan Olie is also your rescue. Due to the essential fatty acids in the oil, it can propagate, nourish and soften your scalp. Dandruff usually occurs due to dry skin or fungus in the scalp, so it is important that the scalp is moist and nourished.

In all treatments with Argan Oil, it is important to remember that the oil is effective in very small quantities, so make many small treatments instead of one large. That way, the oil stays a bit longer and you will enjoy it for a long time.

What are the advantages (and possible disadvantages) of Argan Oil?

Shortly said then the use of Argan Oil on your skin will help maintain the skin's natural balance and agility. And since the oil can replace your usual facial cleansing, you avoid using products that certainly contain a lot of chemical substances that remove excessive tallow (sebum is intended to protect and waterproof hair and skin and make sure it does not dry out fragile and cracking) from your skin, which will lead to an overproduction of sebum, which often ends with clogged pores, new impurities and blackheads. But with Argan Oil you can get rid of all that, as the oil is 100% natural, gentle to the skin while strengthening and protecting your skin.
The oil may also be used for minor problems such as mosquito nets, insect bites, wounds and scratches and burns. The oil can also be used against a normal sunburn, like a aftersun lotion.
   The only real disadvantage of using Argan Oil is that you most likely can not live without having first seen that effect.

Is Argan Oil for Women Only?

Although most uses of oil are the most suitable for women, as they generally go up in the care of their skin and hair - the oil is unisex and can be used by everyone. For example, the oil can be used as a kind of after shave after shaving, as the oil does not close the porches in the same way as normal aftershave, and cleans the skin around the beard stumps.

How can you tell if Argan Olien is genuine?

The real oil consists only of one ingredient - namely Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil . If the oil is to be clean and not a mixture product, then the bottle should not be left. The pure Argan Oil is easy to know because it has a nice golden color that reminds of rapeseed or sunflower oil and has the same consistency.
  Because the oil is free of various additives and preservatives, it is not harmful if it gets confused with the edible oil by mistake.

Here it is to be said that unless otherwise stated, the methods of use and belongings here apply, only the 100% pure Argan Oil, and not the mix and styling products.
There are some mixing products that have names like Argan Hair Oil, but contain only small parts of pure oil. So these can not be used for the face, and other before. They should only be used for the purpose the product promotes. Styling products should always be used only as styling products. Always check the ingredient list before using an Argan Oil product for your face and body.

Is the expensive oil better than the cheap?
In general, there is no particular difference in the oils. The differences may lie in the quality and the origin of the core oil is squeezed out.
  If an oil is very expensive, it may have something to do with branding, more specifically which brand sells the product. If the brand spends a lot of time and money on marketing their product, then the best way to get the money back is to put up the prices of the product.
The cheap oil can therefore be as good as the expensive, but you should always be aware of more unknown brands and always check the list of ingredients if it is a pure oil you buy.

Applications and methods

Cosmos Co Argan Oil, which is in a bottle of pressure pump for easy dosing. You need an amount equal to 1-2 teaspoons.

As a starter, take a little oil on your wrist and then deepen all your fingertips in the oil so that they are covered in a thin layer. Then, with quiet and calm movements, spread and massage the oil into your scalp. Remember to distribute the oil into a thin even layer - there is no need to overdo and waste a lot of oil.
   Now let the oil sit in the scalp for a couple of hours. For example, you can add the oil before bedtime and let it work overnight. Your treatment is over now and you should repeat it one to two times a day, depending on your need and dandruff problem.

There are many different ways to use Argan Oil to care for her hair, so this is just one of many. So do not be desperate if it does not really work for you.

The first method is based on the method of the above technique against dandruff. You pour some oil (max 1 teaspoonful) into your hand, then start masking it around your hair. Remember to apply the oil to both the scalp and all the hair tips. It's a little lengthy process, especially if you have long hair, but you will find that it is worth the time when you see the results.
The other way to care for your hair with the oil may require some exercise and a smaller cloth.
Take your cloth and pour the same amount of oil on it as before, then roll the cloth around the hair. The cloth helps to distribute the oil in your hair, but be aware that where the cloth is used first, it will have more oil than necessary. Be thorough and make sure to distribute it in a smooth and fine team.
  The most practical will be to perform this process before bedtime, so the oil can sit overnight and take full effect. As the oil is a little bit fat, it is recommended to put a towel or other fabric around your pillow so it does not get wet. The next morning you can wash your hair as normal and look forward to a healthier hair.
   This treatment method works best if it is used every other day so your hair can properly absorb all the nutritional vitamins, minerals and fatty acids in Argan Oil. If you have thin long hair, you can use it every night.

This mode of treatment is for you who find that your nails break or just need a loving hand.
The way the oil is applied to your nails reminiscently of the way you use nail polish. You should only use a very thin, fine and even layer over the entire nail. Do not wash the oil. It is important that you do not overlap your nails as they can only record a limited amount. We recommend that you polish your nails daily, and it may be done before bedtime so that the oil can penetrate and perform its miracles in peace.
  If you follow this treatment daily, you will soon discover that your nails have become more beautiful and stronger. Broken nails are past!

Most people experience once in their lives to gain strong marks. There are many different reasons for stretch marks occur - sudden increase in weight, pregnancy, or rapid growth amongst others. And once you've got them, they did not seem to get rid of again without cosmetic surgery.
But with Argan Oil you can build and reduce the unwanted stretch marks. A thin layer of oil is lubricated in areas affected or at risk of strong marks - most frequent, stomach, hips, thighs, upper and lower arms.
  Because Argan Oil is rich in vitamins, antioxidants and the existential fatty acids, caring for strong marks with oil will refresh and tighten the skin, and most people will notice that there is a significant drop in visibility.


100% pure oil and a wealth of styling products

See our large selection of argan oils

Here you will find all our oils with argan. Here are many different brands that have products containing argan oil. Argan oil is a wonder that can be used for both skin and hair. Rich in vitamin E which is an important antioxidant. You may favor products that contain the ingredient for the desired care. If you have dry skin, pure argan oil seems hydrating and moisturizing. A cheap argan oil may well be good as there is also room for other ingredients in the product that can make wonders for you. Hair doctor argan oil contains also heat-protective ingredients, so your hair is also protected under styling with hot styling tools. Precisely this product is also an argan oil to the face as it acts hydrating and caring on the skin. We have a wide range of products that contain this wonder that both you, your skin, body and hair will love.

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